NIGHT BRILLIANCE Whitening Night Face Cream

Size: 50 ml

The beneficial effect of the NIGHT BRILLIANCE Whitening Night Face Cream revitalizes and naturally refreshes the skin to start the day looking radiant. During the sleep, the AATC® active ingredient complex, which has been especially suited to night care, promotes an even complexion and noticeably reduces age spots and pigmentation.


The NIGHT BRILLIANCE Whitening Night Face Cream combines luxurious diamond particles, edelweiss and lemon balm extract with newly developed apple stem cells, resveratrol and hyaluronic acid. The active ingredient complex revitalizes the skin and actively helps counteract the signs of aging.


Apply to thoroughly cleansed skin in the evenings omitting the eye area. Spread a small amount of cream on your face. Using the pads of your fingers, smooth from the side of the nose and move upwards to the center of the forehead, then along the contours and down the chin. Finally, perform firm smoothing movements, from the chin to the top of the cheeks.