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For a beautiful skin!
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The Edelweiss

Schöne Haut mit Edelweiss und AATC®
doppelte Power
Dual power against skin aging

A unique combination of AATC complex active ingredients combined with natural Edelweiss extract

Developed from LAVIVANA, AATC® is a complex formula
with active Edelweiss extract, supported by high-tech components

The Edelweiss and the AATC®

Containing proven ingredients, the legendary Alpine flower now reveals its secret, restoring your skin to long-lasting youthfulness.

La Vivana soon began to incorporate the active Edelweiss extract into its skin care products. The active element has since been subjected to closer research, with astonishing findings. It showed that the Edelweiss flower contains properties that counteract wrinkling in human skin.

The Edelweiss is found at high altitudes of up to 3,000 m above sea level, where it is exposed to increased UV radiation and high ozone levels. Despite the inclement conditions, the Edelweiss does not wither away. All thanks to its resistant properties!

Searching the ends of the Earth for new medicinal plant extracts, the cosmetics industry somehow overlooked the Edelweiss. But La Vivana discovered the extraordinary properties of this wonderful plant, and soon incorporated it into its high-end cosmetics line.

The AATC® (Age-Antagonizing-Technology-Complex) is the name given to the active elements derived from the Edelweiss, that help to heal the human skin.

Their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action help to protect the skin, providing a protective barrier against potentially harmful elements in the environment as well as UV radiation. Scientific research has proven that the active properties of the Edelweiss can help to smooth out wrinkles on the skin.