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  • The Alpine Edelweiss

    For generations the people behind the brand La Vivana have seen their mission in emphasiszing the beauty of women with valuable and precious accessories.

    La Vivana ennobles the most precious adornment a woman can wear – the skin.

    The family-owned company La Vivana was founded in the Alpine region of Northern Italy, an area defined by its unspoiled natural landscape.

    In this rough environment the alpine edelweiss has become a legendary symbol for beauty and adoration. The delicate plant combines a number of beneficial ingredients, which protect the skin and regenerate it.

    Inspired by the flower’s peculiar resistance La Vivana has researched the unique cellular information of alpine edelweiss and created the groundbreaking Age-Antagonizer- Technolgy-Complex.

  • The precious secrets of beautiful skin

    Alpine edelweiss – on the one hand mythological symbol of beauty and passion, on the other hand expression of resistance in a rough and changeable montane environment. It combines a number of beneficial ingredients, which protect the skin and regenerate it.

    Convinced by the unique qualities of the alpine edelweiss, La Vivana uses its vegetal active components as basis for the extensive line of skin care products.

    In conjunction with highly effective ingredients the organically grown edelweiss counteracts as active ingredient complex AATC® the aging of the skin.

    Due to the thoroughly selected ingredients this exclusively developed formula is La Vivana’s basis for a premium skin care.

  • A responsible use of natural ingredients

    By handling natural agents with discernment and resigning from the use of harmful preservatives and allergens (such as parabens, paraffins, silicone, synthetic color additives or crude oil derivatives) we create cosmetic care products of genuine value.

    We not only strictly observe the European Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines, but are committed to creating a range of cosmetic products that enhance natural beauty as well as protect and revitalize your skin.

  • La Vivana vouches for the beauty and rejuvenation of your skin

    Carefully selected ingredients and innovative formulae guarantee tangible results.

    To guarantee maximum efficiency and skin tolerance, all substances contained in La Vivana’s cosmetic products undergo rigorous quality tests and clinical trials, including allergy and tolerance tests.

    All La Vivana products are developed in Italy and produced in Germany.

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