BRILLIANCE Active Anti-Aging Day Cream

Size: 50 ml

The BRILLIANCE Active Anti-Aging Day Cream contains a specially developed active ingredient concept, which offers the skin precisely the type of care it needs. Wrinkle depth is noticeably reduced– with prolonged use, by up to 52%. The signs of aging are minimized and skin gains new firmness and elasticity.


The BRILLIANCE Active Anti-Aging Day Cream combines luxurious diamond particles, edelweiss and red algae extract with newly developed anti-wrinkle polymers, trans-resveratrol and dipeptides. The active ingredient complex leaves skin firmer, fresher and more supple so that you look more youthful.


Apply daily to thoroughly cleansed facial skin a small amount of Brilliance Active Anti-Aging Day Cream, omitting the eye area. For a lifting effect, spread out using sweeping movements with the palms of your hands, from the jaw line to the cheekbone and from the middle of the eyebrows towards the edges of the forehead. Exert pressure at the end of each movement in order to stimulate circulation.