Size: 50 ml


Neck and Decolleté Cream, SPF 15

Re-Shape and Anti-Wrinkle with Diamonds


Exposure to the sun can cause the formation of lines and wrinkles particularly on the neck and decolleté. The BRILLIANCE Neck and Decolleté Cream offers protection against these signs of aging. An immediately noticeable firming effect and reduced wrinkle depth leave the skin looking younger while the highly active decolleté booster prevents the loss of elasticity. Skin is proven to be firmer, smoother and softer. The integrated light protection provides extended preservation of these effects.


The BRILLIANCE Neck and Decolleté Cream combines luxurious diamond particles, edelweiss and red algae extract with newly developed anti-wrinkle polymers, resveratrol and dipeptides. The active ingredient complex leaves decolleté and neck looking firmer, fresher and with improved elasticity.


Apply daily to thoroughly cleansed neck and decolleté a small amount of BRILLIANCE Neck and Decolleté Cream, SPF 15, spreading it evenly over your neck, the base of your throat, and your chest. Rub your neck gently, massaging from its center towards the sides, just below your ears. Smooth your decolleté with the palms of your hands with ascending movements. Wait 2 minutes for the cream to be absorbed before applying makeup.