Size: 30 ml


Intensive Face Serum



The BRILLIANCE Intensive Face Serum boosts firmness and elasticity thanks to the specially developed AATC® active ingredient complex. Skin is noticeably firmer and wrinkle depth is reduced – with prolonged use, by up to 52%. Stimulated collagen synthesis prevents the appearance of fine lines and protection against the decrease of hyaluronic acid helps the skin look refreshed.


The BRILLIANCE Intensive Face Serum combines luxurious diamond particles, edelweiss and red algae extract with newly developed anti-wrinkle polymers, palmitoyl and dipeptides. The active ingredient complex refreshes and smoothens the skin.


Apply a small amount of the serum in the mornings and evenings before your day or night cream. Before applying, pinch the skin along wrinkles between the thumb’s dab and other finger's dabs. Then apply a small amount of Brilliance Intensive Face Serum along wrinkles on face and neck, as well as on crows feet and pigmented spots. Spread the serum with your fingertips over areas that need to be stimulated. Smooth out lines and exert pressure in circular movements from the center of your face outwards, using your fingertips.